Join the 15 million people who line up the roads each year to watch the 189 riders and 1600 support vehicles zip by in a few eye blinks. In some of the more popular spots along the big climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees, you may have to camp out to get a good view; in other places, five minutes ahead of time will suffice. The route changes each year

Walk into a supermarket in Normandy and you’ll find as many different kinds of crepes as types of bread, possible more. But the best ones are home-made or fresh off the crepe-makers grill. Try banana-chocolate, lemon-sugar, chocolate-Grand Marnier…..heck, try them all

Centuries of gardening and perfume mixing in Grasse have seen it blossom into the factory epicenter of Europe. Master sniffers (called nez, or “noses”) train for years to recognize thousands of scents. If you’re not interested in a tour of the perfumeries, a garden stroll will still delight the senses